Art of Mother Nature

In the enriching world of fine wine, location is everything. Italy, also known as Bel Paese or the beautiful country, due to its climate, landscapes, culture, and rich history, is the home of Prosecco and much of the world’s most renowned sparkling wines.


Our Desiderio N°1 winery is located in the heart of Veneto, Italy (or “La Marca Trevigiana”), a masterful piece of mother nature, which lies deep in the foothills of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. This Medieval Italian territory is known among oenophiles (wine lovers) as the epicenter for the finest Prosecco in the world – the birthplace of Prosecco Superiore Treviso DOC.


However, the region is not just known for world-class Prosecco, there are fabulous full-bodied reds and light fruity whites that also hail from this unmatched terroir. Veneto’s grapes are world renowned and at Desiderio N°1 we have a passion for the remarkable Glera grapes of the region. These provide the foundation for our Prosecco and Rosé Spumante (which is blended with Pinot Grigio grapes). We also have a special appreciation for the rare Raboso Veronese grapes, which we cultivate and use for our exceptional Rosso Spumante.


Veneto is located just North of Venice in the middle of the golden triangle between Conegliano, Valdobbiadene, and Roncade and is bounded to the Northeast by The Piave River and the Southwest by The Sile River. Grapes have been grown in Veneto since as far back as the 12th century. The combination of steep hillsides, clay and silt from the River Piave, as well as cool breezes off the Adriatic, creates an ideal climate for growing grapes that are vibrant and well-structured with high acidity.


A perfect combination for Glera – the signature grape of Prosecco wines.


The Dolomite Mountains also play a huge role in the characteristics of all wines grown in the region. These magnificent mountains create a microclimate with an annual average rainfall of 900mm, helping to concentrate the flavor of the grapes and providing a rounder taste to the wine. The Dolomites are also the source of the rich minerality found in the soil which contributes to the full flavor of our wines. Another major benefit of this terroir is the low sulfate content, which makes the wine of the region easier to drink in larger quantities while experiencing less negative side effects.

We are honored to say that each grape used to create our

sparkling wines originates from this exceptional terrain.

Art of Sustainability

We choose to work with Mother Nature rather than against her. We do this through the use of biodynamic agricultural practices to ensure that each bottle of our wine is of the highest quality and created with the best of nature. Our grapes are grown without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, synthetic chemicals, or GMOs. We use nature’s natural rhythms to capture peak growing conditions and feed our soil with the highest grade of all natural compost for optimal grapes. Our biodynamic growing practices restore and revitalize our piece of this incredibly rare terroir, so that we can continue to create exceptional wines for years to come.

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