Art of Winemaking


At Desiderio N°1 we believe winemaking is and should always be an art form. We have combined the best of traditional winemaking techniques with recent scientific developments and a deep rooted passion for the process into one cohesive craft. We’ve also chosen to eschew modern mass-production in order to hand-craft distinct and truly exceptional sparkling wines.


Each bottle of Desiderio N°1 is lovingly crafted by our amazing Winemaker, Simone. Winemaking is an integral part of our being. His grandfather is a winemaker, his father is a vintner and he has always lived amongst vineyards. Through generations, the family has mastered the art of winemaking which has led to Simone´s deep passion for the art form, which shines through in every bottle of our sparkling wine.


Simone oversees and implements all aspects of our winemaking process. In Italian we call this industry expert a vignaiolo, the word used to describe the combination of ‘winemaker’ and ‘grape grower’ (vintner). While the winemaker is responsible for the processing of the grapes and establishing the character of the wine, the vintner determines the appropriate vines and tends to the land to cultivate the very best grapes for production. In our own vernacular, we call him the artist.


We have taken a holistic approach to the art of winemaking through the use of Bioenology. This cutting-edge method of winemaking combines viticulture (the cultivation of grape vines and the growing of grapes), vinification (the physical production of wine from grape juice), and oenology (the study, knowledge, and understanding of wine and the winemaking process) into one cohesive practice.


While both viticulture and oenology depend almost entirely on knowledge gained through experience, Bioenology provides a far greater and scientific understanding of ‘why’ certain aspects of viticulture and vinification are so critical.


Please don’t misconstrue bioenology, as the use of chemicals in any stage of our wine making process. We rely solely on the expertise of our vignaiolo to produce our superior grapes, never using pesticides, GMOs, or synthetic chemicals on our vines and all ingredients added in the winemaking process are all-natural, including the yeasts.

Our Art Form

At Desiderio N°1 we harvest each grape by hand to ensure the finest grapes go into each bottle of our wine. Then comes the science.


Recently, there has been incredible progress made in the scientific process of winemaking. Through Bioenology, in particular, we have embraced these modern techniques, enabling us to gain a far greater understanding of what exactly gives certain wines their individual characteristics.


In the simplest (and least romantic) of terms, wine is the remarkable result of a microbiological fermentation process where yeast and bacteria consume sugars, amino acids, and other compounds found in grape juice (the “must”), converting them into alcohol. Once alcohol exists, the ‘must’ becomes wine, and once the alcohol content reaches 16%, the alcohol in the wine kills off the yeast and the fermentation process naturally stops.


We have chosen to look carefully at how different types of yeast affect the must, and subsequently, the wine we artistically craft. We have discovered that by using a natural, already activated yeast, we are able to maintain a better pH balance (acidity), which has an optimal interaction with the tartaric acid found in the “must”.

The result is longer stability, more persistent aromas and an unmatched microbiological purity to the wine.


Additionally, we have found that using natural, active yeasts to create red wines greatly enhances the level of antioxidants found in the wine.


Our wines go through two separate fermentation processes. The second fermentation phase (or the refermentation) is what creates the effervescence in our sparkling wines. For this second phase, we use The Charmat Method, where the bubbles are trapped through the use of yeast and pressure. Next, the wine goes through a microfiltration process before finally being bottled.


Through our extremely careful selection of both native and live yeasts, we have been able to achieve a highly distinct flavor and ‘body’ to our wines.

This acute attention to the fermentation process is what sets us apart from other wine producers, not just in this particular region of Italy, but throughout the world. It is a beautiful synergy of art and science, resulting in our true masterpieces.

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