Rony Andrews:

Rony Andrews is the founder of R I A Interior Design and the art line MAART. Andrews is originally from Stockholm and is now based in Vienna. His passion for art began at a very young age through drawing. His dream was to become a fashion designer until he was introduced to interior design. Andrews’ feels “art should be limited, special and speak to the future owner.” His designs are minimalistic, which is common amongst Scandanivian designers, and never mass produced. Some of his limited edition pieces are now on display in our Vienna Designer Market.


Werner Godovits:

Werner Godovits is an Austrian painter. Born in 1947 in Berndorf Austria, Godovits spent much of his childhood in Wiener Neustadt and Vienna. After traveling throughout Europe, Godovits settled in Hamburg, where he got a degree in art and began his successful career as a commercial designer. In 2008 he moved to Berlin, where he currently resides. The city of Berlin inspired him to begin art research and after many years of studying art he decided to produce his own paintings and sculptures. “I was always interested in being a painter, but I started painting really late in my life and knew it’s my purpose,” claimed Godovits.


Marcin Glod:

Marcin Glod, is an up-and-coming Austrian artist, based in Vienna. Glod’s work is influenced by paintings, street art, and graffiti. These various elements of inspiration are visible in his work and create a tension that not only functions as a tool for inspiration but also allows for a wide range of creativity. The pop culture references in his pieces are meant to evoke exploration, emotion and a questioning of society from the viewer. When talking about his work, Glod said; “Positive impressions and emotions play an important role in my work. Sustainability is also really important to me.” Glod paints on old paintings and claims; “Not only should old objects get a new worth, but you can also play with the history.”

His first solo exhibition earlier this year was a huge success and gained attention among the art world, allowing him to showcase his pieces in established collections. Some of his mixed media and sculpture work are now on display in our Vienna Designer Market.