Bioenology, Passion and DESIDERIO N°1

Bioenology is a combination of viticulture (the cultivation of grape vines and the growing of grapes), vinification (the physical production of wine from grape juice) and oenology (the study, knowledge and understanding of wine and the wine- making process). However, bioenology goes one step further. While both viticulture and oenology depend almost wholly on knowledge gained through experience, bioenology provides a far greater and scientific understanding of ‘why’ certain aspects of viticulture and vinification are so critical.

In order to produce the very finest of wines, Desiderio N°1 has chosen to eschew modern mass-production techniques that are used to produce wine of an acceptable quality with a consistency in flavor, and in bulk, and when we say bulk, we mean bulk. You do not need to be an oenophile to work out that wine produced commercially in a 15,000-gallon stainless steel vat (that’s 75,000 bottles!) is not going to have any of the character found in a wine matured in a traditional 60-gallon oak barrel (300 bottles). However, we have chosen to embrace modern scientific techniques that have enabled us to gain a far greater understanding of what, exactly, gives certain wines their individual characteristics.

Wine is the result of microbiological fermentation process where yeast and bacteria consume sugars, acids amino acids and other compounds found in grape juice, converting them into alcohol. Through the very careful selection of native and live yeasts, we have achieved some remarkable results where flavor and ‘body’ of our wines are concerned.

Please don’t misconstrue bioenology as the use of chemicals in viticulture, the cultivation of the grapes. We rely solely on experience handed down through the generations to produce our grapes, not chemicals, in order to make the very most of what Mother Nature has given us.

At Desiderio N°1 we have chosen to mix the best of traditional wine-making techniques with scientific knowledge gained over more recent years through bioenology, which has allowed us to ‘hand craft’ distinct wines that will make our label a firm favorite among those of you who appreciate fine wine.

Of course, it matters not how much knowledge you have about wine if you don’t forget the most important ingredient of all that has to be included in every stage of the wine-making process from planting vines to corking the bottle – passion. You can make a good wine if only you are passionate about it!