Bundy Bundy:

The first Bundy Bundy Salon opened in 1919 and was founded by The Bundy grandfather. The 60ies was a huge decade for the brand. Hans & Georg, brothers and grandchildren of the founder of Bundy Bundy, who worked as stylists for the brand became world champion stylists and Bundy Bundy became the most popular hair salon in the world. Through the generations the brand has maintained its’ high status in the industry and remains a leader in styling today.

3 portraits of Austrian dancer, Pandora Nox, styled by Bundy Bundy for the photoshoot, are hung in the Vienna Designer Market. On display in front of the photographs is Bundy Bundy’s exclusive product line.

Kaiser Caviar:

Kaiser Caviar is a producer of fine caviar. The brand stands for passion, enjoyment, and quality at the highest level.

They do not use any additives or preservatives in their processing, allowing for the fine flavor nuances to be preserved in the best and most genuine manner. Kaiser prides itself on sustainable production methods, the wellbeing of its sturgeons and adhering to maximum quality controls. They are HDI- and CITES certificated and registered as a caviar producer.kaiser-caviar-at-vienna-designer-market


The jewelry brand N27, owned by sisters Deborah and Nathalie Kohn, embodies Austrian craftsmanship to the fullest extent and sets new standards in aesthetics and creativity.

The brand features natural and lab-grown diamantes, gold and silver. N27 recognizes these materials as important resources and holds them to the highest honor and handles them with the utmost care. The brand prides itself on upholding traditional Viennese values of innovation and a love of art. The result is timeless trinkets that define new noblesse and grace. N27 is now showcasing its enchanting pieces in our Vienna Designer Market.

Babor Beauty Spa:

Babor Beauty Spa is not only a brand it’s a whole new philosophy around beauty. The brand offers special facial and body treatments, massages, pedicures and many other exceptional spa treatments. They have also created a new product line for men, which is now available in our Vienna Designer Market.