DESIDERIO N°1 Stores and Venues

Creating DESIDERIO N°1 wines is an art with each bottle lovingly created with skill and individual talent. The creation of one of our bottles of wine follows the same path an artist treads as they look to create their next work of art, which is why we have such an affinity with fellow ‘artists’.

To best encapsulate this belief, we have decided that our wines should be offered in places where art is at the forefront of events, whether it is in a restaurant where a chef lovingly creates culinary masterpieces, or in an art gallery where artists want to display the results of their endeavours. It is not unusual for coffee shops and restaurants to display works of art as these establishments all involve the appreciation of life’s pleasures, so why shouldn’t you enjoy a glass or two of any of our DESIDERIO N°1 wines while indulging your other senses?

DESIDERIO N°1 wines belong in an environment where there is FRESHNESS, FASHION AND FAME, an environment which exudes coolness and individuality, so we choose the outlets for our wines very carefully.

We are always on the look out for unique and unusual locations for proprietors to serve DESIDERIO N°1 wines, so please use our LOCATION FORM to tell us a little about yourself and why you feel DESIDERIO N°1 would blend well with your location and setting.