We’re thrilled to be featuring the amazing collections of these incredibly talented fashion designers/brands in our Vienna Designer Market powered by Desiderio N°1!


KADIB is a Persian brand which works to highlight a variety of talented Persian designers. Many hours of work have been invested in each uniquely, handmade piece of the KADIB Collection. The designs feature a combination of fashion’s up-to-date trends and nods to centuries old Persian culture and heritage.

In or Near: 

In or Near is a brand by the Vienna designer, Liliya Semenova and brand developer Diana Stoynova. The brand takes a unique approach to fashion design. 

The inspiration for every collection comes from the passion of the designer. “The construction of every outfit is based on “the golden cut,” according to Semenova. The clothes lend themselves to the female contour, while still leaving space for transformation.  Semenova combines architectural elements with minimalistic shapes to create an almost 3D effect. You can see elements of modern architecture and contemporary art in Semenova’s designs.

Pouran Parvizi: 

Pouran Parvizi is an Iranian fashion designer who studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (die Angewandte) in the Fashion Department. Her inspiration for her collections draws from her heritage and she works to fuse Eastern and Western cultures and esthetics into her designs.

Parvizi pulls inspiration from many references, extensive research, as well as inspiration from people, stories, art, culture, history and literature. Her collections address social norms, gender, race and political issues. She explores social and political landscapes, as well as race and identity through a signature sense of femininity and then translates her own perspective into designs that illustrate a confident and strong woman with a gentle and romantic side. 

“For me, fashion has never been just a piece of garment. What we wear; determines who we are, what we’re experiencing and what we’re standing for. The magic of imagination and design is to be able to create your own world and express yourself freely. I’m here to tell a story. I’m here to ask a question.” – Pouran Parvizi

Diane Adhami: 

Diane Adhami is an Iranian fashion designer based based in Vienna. She is currently working towards a masters in fashion design at The University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she received her BA in painting in 2015

Adhami prides herself on good tailoring and creating well-made garments. She likes to take the “classic mens pattern” and play with the proportions. Adhami also enjoys telling stories and challenging ways of thinking through her designs. 

“Fashion is not only about clothing, it’s the way I can express myself and create different characters to create my own world. I like to challenge peoples’ minds, to create emotions.” – Diane Adhami