DESIDERIO N°1 is gaining a worldwide reputation as a genuine collector and sponsor of art. One way we have successfully managed to combine our wine with art is through our unique DESIDERIO N°1 Art Lounges which are the perfect marriage. Here we encourage international artists to use our art lounges to display their works of art which can be appreciated by visitors who have come to relax and enjoy a glass of our wine.

We like to see this as a rich and sensory stimulating environment where your senses of sight, taste and smell are given a veritable overload to heighten the experience all round. Whether it is to enjoy a glass of wine while appreciating artwork or appreciating a glass of wine while engaging with artwork, there is something for everyone in our dedicated art lounges. DESIDERIO N°1 Art Lounges are a new concept that has been warmly received by international artists wherever they have been located, as well as lovers of fine wine and new artists.

If you are a budding artist, or you know someone who is and who might benefit from exposure in one of our DESIDERIO N°1 Art Lounges, please get in contact with us and we will be delighted to book some space in the nearest appropriate lounge to where you are located.

In addition, we are always keen to provide sponsorship for budding artists, so we would welcome you getting in contact with us if you have an up and coming art exhibition and would welcome a sponsor who is not only associated with the art world, but who genuinely appreciates the wealth of new and emerging artistic talent.


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