Exhibition of the artists Daniel and Lucas Rachlé

The exhibition of the twins Daniel and Lucas Rachlé will take place in the Desiderio N°1 Art Lounge, Johannesgasse 17 in the 1st district on 13 February 2020 at 7 p.m.

The twins Daniel and Lucas Rachle were born in 1989. Their early childhood was shaped by painting and creating, which was inheritance from their parents. These early years resulted in the foundation of „Rachlé Art“ in 2009.

The focus of their work is in the creative composition of objects, fabrics, antique furniture and canvas. Their creative Watermark is the display of different nuanced colors painted with acrylic, oil and pigment colours.

The creation of their art stretches from graffiti, pop art and comics to surrealistic art. With the intention of combining new and old, antique furniture or rather it‘s fabric are painted by hand. Through this approach the antique furniture merges in a symbiotic way with modern art.