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On 7 November 2019, DESIDERIO N°1 ART LOUNGE  presented Peter Preinsberger paintings; Guests were welcomed by the artist & paintings were introduced by the curator Prof. Wolfgang J. Bandion.

In 2016, He received the honor badge of the COUNTRY CARINTHIAN by Mr. LANDESHAUPTMANN DR. PETER KAISER for special merit.

In 2015, The goldon honor badge for SCIENCE and ART signed by Mr. BUNDESPRÄ-SIDENT DR. HEINZ FISCHER for him.

In 2014, he made several exhibitions in Austria; the PORCIA CASTLE In SPITTAL AR 2012 (Max Weiler, Josef Mikl, Oswald Oberhuber, Jürgen Messensee, Josef Pramer, Stefan Hilge) UVM ..

“My pictures emerge from the subconscious.

Leave as much as possible to chance, as little as possible of control.

Painting is freedom, and freedom is not a gift, it is always the result of a dispute.

The fruit of a fight. “

PETER PREINSBERGER was born in 1945 in Klagenfurt.

At the age of 13, the painter PETER PREINSBERGER creates his first masterpiece; a small format oil study – “THE HOLLENBURG WITH ROSENTAL” – shows the basic events of exceptional nature. With expressive technique, a small cabinet but established at the threshold of an artist career.

At 16, he went to Paris; painted there at MONTMARTRE; his word was exploring and there was many invitations throughout Europe on exhibitions and artist symposia.

It followed many international exhibition, the great success of which contributed substantially to the good name of Austrian contemporary art.

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