DESIDERIO N°1 Prosecco Millesimato Brut Treviso Doc

DESIDERIO N°1 PROSECCO MILLESIMATO BRUT is a Prosecco DOC, obtained by the vinification in vintage Glera grapes grown on the hills near Treviso, in the northern Italian region of Veneto.

This DOC wine is made according to the Charmat method, where the bubbles emerge in a secondary fermentation in a steel tank.

This sparkling wine has a fresh and elegant, light to medium-bodied and is meant to be consumed in its youth, to enjoy its liveliness and freshness.


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This crafted Prosecco is sophisticated yet playful, dry yet fruity, bursting with elegantly complex notes of apple, pineapple, honeysuckle and pear. Its pale- straw color is reminiscent of the yellow hues of Treviso’s countryside at harvest time. The palate has lovely balance, an utterly seductive creamy texture and a smooth finish that leave the palate refreshed and wanting more.

DESIDERIO N°1 PROSECCO is made entirely from hand-selected, single vintage Glera grapes from two specific locations in Italy’s Treviso commune – the home of Prosecco – within the Veneto region in northern Italy. The Carboncine commune di Roncade and San Biagio di Callalta unique terroir is widely recognized for the superior quality of Glera vineyards due to the strong presence of caranto, fine clay silt deposited by rivers and streams flowing down from the nearby Dolomite mountains.

The winemaking process is characterized by very soft pressing to ensure a proper balance between acidity and natural sugar. Strictly following the Charmat method, the Prosecco undergoes a secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks and is bottled under pressure to maintain its sophisticated effervescence. The secondary fermentation assists in creating a delicately persistent “perlage”, a word used to describe the quality and size of the bubbles.

Though perfect as an aperitif, this wine pairs well with battered vegetables, fried food, cheese, cold pasta and serves as an excellent companion for oysters, prawns, fish, truffles and desserts such the famous Italian Panettone.


Organoleptic Characteristics

Typology: Sparkling
Appearance: Pale Straw colour, fine and persistent perlage.
Bouquet: Elegant and refined, delicate aroma, it is characterized by fruity hints (apple, pineapple, honeysuckle and pear)
Taste: Fresh, lively and pleasantly dry, Soft and captivating, Harmonious, elegant, persistent
Alcohol content: 11%
Pairing: ideal as an aperitif. It goes extremely well with all entrees and fish dishes and desserts.
Serving: 6-8°C


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