DESIDERIO N°1 Rosso Spumante Millesimato Extra Dry

DESIDERIO N°1 Rosso Spumante is an Extra dry red sparkling wine obtained through vinification of Raboso Veronese grapes, a native plant of the Treviso. DESIDERIO N°1 offers a niche product which satisfies even the most demanding palates. Its captivating and seducing flavor enhances a perfect balance of rustic Raboso and the freshness of sparkling wine.


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DESIDERIO N°1 Rosso Spumante comes from the grapes of Raboso Veronese, a native plant of the Treviso area born from a spontaneous cross between Raboso Piave and Marzemina Bianca that probably occurred even before the time of the Roman Empire. This ruby-red Spumante will instantly captivate and intrigue you with its extravagant bouquet, reminiscent of fresh raspberries and wild cherries. Surprisingly versatile, this pioneer of the Raboso Spumante proves increasingly complex, while maintaining its crisp and refreshing character.

Raboso was in the past the most cultivated red varietal of eastern Veneto; it was a wine consumed by Venetian navigators on their long voyages around the world; they named it ‘vin de viajo’ (wine of travel) because it was the most resistant of wines to aging and sea-voyage.

This pedigree explains why Raboso Veronese presents itself as less tannic and gentler than Piave. Raboso Veronese is a late grape variety cultivated in a clayey soil with production quantities around 50 quintals per hectare.  Thanks to its increasingly docile characteristics, this varietal lends itself to intriguing craftsmanship, leading us to this uniquely beautiful vintage of DESIDERIO N°1 Rosso Spumante.

Once the controlled-temperature maceration is completed, a second fermentation is strictly produced with indigenous yeasts. Our labor of love culminates in this irresistibly appealing wine of extraordinary sensory balance between refreshing acidity and alluring sweetness.

Fascinatingly perfect with entrées of fish, charcuterie, fruit or dessert, Desiderio N°1 Rosso Spumante doubles up as a memorable apéritif that will elegantly set the stage for any worthy occasion, satisfying even the most delicate palates.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Typology: Sparkling
Appearance: Intense ruby red, brilliant, with a rich, creamy and persistent foam and fine perlage.
Bouquet: extravagant, rustic, delicate, smooth and balanced mouth, crisp and refreshing, reminiscent of fresh raspberries and wild cherries.
Taste: Harmonious, structured, elegant, persistent; rich food-friendly flavours with balanced acidity between the rich texture and pleasant mineral notes and a mellow and persistent aftertaste.
Alcohol content: 11%
Pairing: It is an elective wine which accompanies both imaginative snacks and the warm conviviality of a classic table prepared with a variety of cold cuts and meat dishes.
Serving: 8-10°C


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